TUCSON - For the first time in 2019, Tucson International Airport hit 100° at enter time and date. This is the 11th latest Ice Break in recorded weather history. Climatology (1981-2011) this is the second latest Ice Break with only 1982 coming later than today's on June 10th. While June 9th marks the first … Continue reading ICE BREAK 2019


From the coldest May – June stretch in over 100 years, to 100 degrees. It’s coming. Fast!

It was a close call for triple digits on Thursday in Tucson. The top temp recorded at the airport was 99 degrees. That's the hottest day we've seen in Tucson since September 27th, 2018 when we also reached this value. This is just the beginning of what promises to be the biggest heat wave we've … Continue reading From the coldest May – June stretch in over 100 years, to 100 degrees. It’s coming. Fast!

100 degrees? No way.

It's nother kinda "hot" day in Tucson as temperatures are peaking in the low-to-mid 90s under sunny skies.  We have now made it through the month of May without seeing triple digits and we're off to the races without reaching the century month so far in June. (Granted today is only June 2nd). We've … Continue reading 100 degrees? No way.

Lower May temperatures, rise in record books

We can't make this stuff up; more snow fell on Mt Lemmon this morning, making it the second time this week (yes, this is the end of May). This time, up to 2 inches of snow fell on the mountain top. Ever since records have been kept, this May has been the 36th coolest … Continue reading Lower May temperatures, rise in record books

Winter is (still) coming?

Today's high temperature in Tucson of 71 degrees is not only 22 degrees below average, but one of the coolest May 20ths on record. (We hit 71 degrees after the initial article was written) How rare was today's weather? Well, it was snowing for most of today on top of Mt. Lemmon. With these … Continue reading Winter is (still) coming?

May showers for Mother’s Day flowers?

May is the second driest Month on our calendar here in Tucson, but Mother Nature has been throwing us plenty of curve balls this year and here comes another for Mother's Day. For the short term, Friday night looks dry with plenty of clouds in our skies and maybe a light shower for the mountains … Continue reading May showers for Mother’s Day flowers?

From Ice Break to ice in the mountains. All in the course of one year

One year ago today we broke the proverbial ice on the Santa Cruz River. It was certainly a hot day and the remainder of the week stayed hot. Here's a list of the high temperatures from last year for the dates May 6 - May 10th. Then 2019 happened. Today's high was only 85 … Continue reading From Ice Break to ice in the mountains. All in the course of one year

A slightly cooler weekend

While Phoenix was the latest city to topple triple digits, the City of Tucson came up just shy at 97 degrees for the second Friday in a row.  Strong high pressure will slide to the south over the weekend and open the door to some slightly cooler air temperatures. Both Saturday and Sunday will feature … Continue reading A slightly cooler weekend

The 90s are roaring back

TUCSON - It's been a relatively warm April so far with the average temperature 1.5 degrees above April standards. Oddly enough TUS has only recorded four days with temperatures above the 90 degree mark. All of these occurrences have happened during the month of April. With just a week left of the month this … Continue reading The 90s are roaring back