A New Era?

The man isn’t Superman – but he is super fast! Last September I attended Michigan’s home opener (football of course), and watched an incredibly fast QB Denard Robinson. Granted the opponent was Western Michigan but I knew there was something special about this kid (or man). His first play from scrimmage was a keep and he dashed thirty-something yards for a touchdown. So we have a quarterback controversy now at UM. The “incumbent” Tate Forcier looked like a promising Freshman last year but so did “shoelace” Denard Robinson. (He doesn’t fasten the laces on his cleats). Denard proved later in the season on 2009 that his arm was very “Freshman” while his feet were more like Superman.

Denard Robinson
Smiling after a dazzling home opening win

Controversy no more:

On Saturday, Michigan Stadium looked big. Sure it’s the “Big House”, but with the renovations complete it is even bigger. A record crowd of 113,090 fans (believed to be the largest crowd to ever attend a football game college or pro) packed the bleachers and witnessed what is no longer a controversy. Forcier sat on the bench and Denard was electric; against a formidable UConn team that many sports writers had pegged to win the Big East. Denard broke the all-time Michigan QB rushing record – 197 yards – and threw like a Senior. He was single handedly responsible for close to 400 yards of total offense. When he was shaken up, Tate Forcier was not the back-up, rather a native Detroiter who some believe is even better than Robinson. I questioned coach Rodriguez’ decision but have to believe that with all the pressure he is under to win, he knows best.


I caution too much optimism (UM won its first 4 games last year and finished 5-7), but this team looks very different than last year. The offense was gelling and looked acute at every moment (the defense is another story we will tackle in a later post). But a win is a win, and I am happy they beat a worthy opponent in the Huskies. Notre Dame is next week and I’m sure many more questions will be answered in South Bend.

In the meantime have a great week and Go Blue!


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