Another S-NO-w storm?

What looked like the possibility of an epic and historical snowstorm just last week is increasingly looking like a dud. A cold air-mass has its grips across the Pacific Northwest today and will remain in place until Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, a warm front and area of low pressure is headed our way. Recent computer models have shifted this low to the north near Vancouver Island. A more northerly trajectory puts us in the warm sector much sooner and limits the amount of frozen precipitation we will see. Here’s how I see things breaking down.

 Today: Partly to mostly sunny at times and cold. Highs in the upper 30s

Tonight: Mostly clear and cold. Lows in the upper 20s.

Tuesday: PM Snow for Portland/Vancouver anywhere from 1-4 pm depending on the speed of the storm which looks like its picking up speed. By 6 pm (evening commute) we could see a brief period of freezing rain before warmer air filters in and changes the frozen precipitation into all rain.

: Rainy and warmer with highs in the 40s. The Gorge is the big wildcard right now where the colder air will last for longer. We could see a much longer period of snow or freezing rain depending on the storm’s track.

Meanwhile the National Weather Service in Portland has issued a Winter Storm Watch for the entire Portland/Vancouver area for Tuesday afternoon and evening.

One thought on “Another S-NO-w storm?

  1. Matt, do not stand in front of central and eastern. Also we need more coverage for us, this time of year is so critical and unsafe, we need the weather more then ever.Thanks

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