Spring begins tomorrow

Well, kinda sorta. Hooked you didn’t I?

Here’s the scoop, us weather geeks don’t adhere to the Julian calendar when it comes to seasons. Since the seasons start on different days in different years, it’s easier for Meteorologists to make useful comparissons from year-to-tear, using exact dates. The result; “Meteorological winter” is Dec, Jan and Feb – which leads me to my point. Today is the last day of winter.

Not so fast…

La Nina 2010-2011 was supposed to be historic, epic – the biggest we’ve seen in years. After a roaring start the Pacific Northwest found itself looking more like spring in January. We had sunny days, below average snow-pack in the Cascades. I even recall filling in for Bruce Sussman and watching the mercury top-off in the lower 70s at the coast in January. Since, the middle of February we have taken a complete nosedive back into winter.

Low snow

Has been a mainstay for the last couple of weeks. Of course this pattern changed the moment I declared, on-air, the end of winter early in February. So today as I watch the snow pile-up in the foothills and Cascades and watch the ODOT cameras showing heavy snow-showers at Sylvan, I am left to wonder; why couldn’t we have had winter when it was winter? In all fairness we still have 3 weeks of “real” winter left, so bring it on now. Here’s to 65 and sunshine for Spring!

Meanwhile: check out the conditions at Government Camp today

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