Finally some rain and snow

After a paltry start to December – one of our rainiest months – a weak storm system moved through the region, bringing us light valley rain and mountain snow. So far, PDX has only received 0.05″ of rain and most spots across the metro have seen about the same. Ski enthusiasts: 1″ of snow at SKIBOWL, 3″ at Mt. Hood Meadows and 3″ at Timberline.
This morning, the biggest concern is the Columbia River Gorge. While precipitation has been light, it has been in the form of freezing rain and snow. Roadways are hazardous and will be until the milder west winds return sometime around 10 am this morning.
If you were hoping for more of the same, it looks like the waiting returns. Another strong ridge of high pressure will build over the Pacific northwest returning us to the fog to sun pattern for much of the next 7 days. I would place the odds of a White Christmas very low at this time.
Be safe, Meteorologist Matt Brode

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