A Record Breaking December

Amazingly – especially considering a La Nina year – the first half of December will go into the record books as the driest ever. PDX has picked up only 0.06″ of rain during the first two weeks of December. This puts us in a deficit of 2.75″. And for you statisticians at home, last year at this time we were closing in on 5.00″ of rain during the first two weeks.
Meanwhile, I see very little change to the forecast for the next several days. High pressure sets-up shop in the Eastern Pacific – a little weaker than the past couple of weeks – so spots north of PDX and along the Coast could see some very light showers Sunday and again on Tuesday. Otherwise we wake-up most mornings with fog followed by partial afternoon clearing. Daytime highs will be cool (in the mid 40s) and nighttime lows remain at or slightly above freezing.
So right now I’d place the chances of a white Christmas at about 0-1%
Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! Matt Brode

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