5 thoughts on “Ice Break 2014

  1. please ask the powers that be to allow the reporters to stop “dumbing down”. Most viewers would like intelligent, in-depth, articulate information about the whys of the weather trends (and other news items).

  2. My name is Anna Luna and I live in Douglas. I like to wach KVOA news and weather, but the only thing is that we in Douglas can’t see the numbers that you put up because they are always blocked!. You seem to cut or block Douglas out of the map. If you can please be kind enough and show Dougas numbers (degree)! We the people in Douglas would really appreciate it. I don’t want to go to KVOA or KOLD. Thank you

  3. Why is your map showing the vote symbol on WEDNESDAY!??? Elections are confusing enough, and are certainly not assisted by this erroneous information, even if inadvertently posted! Please correct this.

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