A Halloween Chill

TUCSON - Heads up trick-or-treaters, this Halloween will bring a spooky chill to the area and temperatures will quickly fall into the 50s as soon as 8 PM tonight. Much cooler air has filtered into the region after yesterday's cold front and a Freeze Warning - the first of the season - has been issued … Continue reading A Halloween Chill

Closing time for 90 degrees in Tucson

TUCSON - The last time Tucson reached 90 degrees or more was on September 30th. This may not seem like a huge deal but we've reached 100 degrees many times in October. https://twitter.com/mattbrode/status/1054577910777024512 The last time the City of Tucson went through an entire month of October without reaching 90 degrees was in 1984. It … Continue reading Closing time for 90 degrees in Tucson

The October chill continues

TUCSON - Today marked the 12th consecutive day the City of Tucson has seen below average temperatures. Out of the 17 days so far this month, 14 have been below average. If you compare the first 17 days of October this year to last year, well there is simply no comparison. This year's average October … Continue reading The October chill continues

What month is it? More cold, rain and snow is here.

TUCSON - Rain overspread much of metro Tucson - AGAIN - tonight and more rain is in the forecast tonight through Tuesday. And oh, don't look now, but more rain is possible this weekend and even into next week if we can tap into Tropical Storm Tara. Okay back to the big chill: the first … Continue reading What month is it? More cold, rain and snow is here.