Our next Winter Storm is in the forecast

It’s been a wild, wet, white and cold start to the new year and the next Winter Storm is already on the horizon. 

Friday and Saturday will finally feature high temperatures near average for this time of year as we near the mid 60s. Skies remain mostly sunny through Saturday afternoon, 

By Sunday another storm – in a parade of storms – sweeps through the area bringing us more valley rain and mountain snow. The difference with this system is the lack of deep cold air. This means only the summits of our Mountains see all snow while the valleys remain all rain. 

The other difference with this weather maker is the amount of moisture it will bring. 

Our latest forecast tools paint anywhere from 1/2″ – 1.00″ of valley rain with 5=10″ of snow above 8000′. So rainfall with this one should be more abundant and widespread. 

With a couple of days left to fine-tune the forecast, snow levels may fluctuate as the computer models come to more of a consensus. As always, we’ll be watching this closely. 


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