The coldest air since the 1990s

Tucson – On the heels of a snowy Monday across the midwest and Great Lakes, the coldest air since 1994 is marching into the same parts of the country. 

Cold air with its origins near the North Pole, also known as “the polar vortex”, will bring crippling cold to the upper midwest Tuesday and Wednesday. North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois are expected to see the coldest of this air. High temperatures in many spots are not forecast to get out of the single digits below zero. 

With a howling north/northwest wind, wind chill values could dip to -70 degrees at times. 

To put this into perspective, there will be times on Tuesday where it will feel nearly 120 degrees warmer in Tucson than it will in Minneapolis. 

The weather pattern will flip-flop later in the workweek with the extreme cold retreating back to the north while more active weather moves into the desert southwest. 

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