From flooding to snow in Tucson? It’s possible.

An unusual weather event is taking shape across the State of Arizona over the next 48 hours.

A stream of clouds, rain and snow,  extending some 3000 miles from Hawaii to the west coast is going to push to the south and raise our moisture levels to what we typically see during the monsoon. 

According to Chief Meteorologist Matt Brode, this phenomenon is knows as a “pineapple express” (owing its moniker to the moisture starting in Hawaii). 

With the wind profile we have in place, the mountains stand to see extremely heavy rain. A Flood Watch has been issued by the National Weather Service in Tucson from Thursday through 11 am Friday.

2-4″ of rain could fall in the mountains and runoff could cause major flooding in the creeks and streams on and adjacent to the mountains. 

The valleys – including Tucson stand to receive much less rain; on the order of 0.25-0.5″.

The next thing we’re watching very closely is a much cooler weather pattern beginning this weekend. Highs under partly cloudy skies will only top off into the upper 50s to near 60. 

A much colder weather maker arrives early next workweek and while the exact details are a little bit out of focus, we could see some low snow across the region. Early Tuesday morning if enough moisture is still available, the City of Tucson could pick up some light snow. 

As always we’ll watch this closely and have updates for you on air, online and on your mobile device. 

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