Storm of the century? Historic snowfall in the cards for Mount Lemmon

TUCSON – A strong area of low-pressure west of Las Vegas will slide to the southeast Thursday evening and hammer southeastern Arizona with a heavy dose of winter.

Winter Storm Warnings have been issued for all of the areas above 5,000 feet.

Heavy snow warnings and State of Emergencies have already been issued for northern Arizona. The focal point for the heaviest rain and snow will begin to move toward southern Arizona late Thursday and throughout the day on Friday.

The snow level will start out at 5,000 feet and lower to 3,000-3,500 feet by Thursday afternoon. Heavier shower flakes could even fly in the City of Tucson.

The prime time for rain is projected for Thursday overnight hours through Friday morning. Low valley snow in Cochise County Friday can be expected late morning, as the snow levels drop to 3,000 feet.

Here is the latest projections of how much rain we can expect for the City of Tucson.

Meanwhile, cities like Bisbee and Oracle stand to see up to a foot of snow and Mount Lemmon may break into the top five for two-day snowfall records.

The official forecast for Mount Lemmon and other areas above 7,600 calls for two-to-three feet of snow.

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