From the heat, to wind to rain and snow – all in less than a week

It’s going to be a wild week of weather across southern Arizona. Let’s start with today.

So far Tucson International Airport has reached 94 degrees. This is the warmest we’ve been all year and check out some of the details on the heat below. (It reached 94 after this tweet was issued)

As a strong area of high pressure sits nearby, we can expect another hot day of weather on Tuesday. Highs will approach the mid 90s again.

After the heat comes we can expect wind. High Wind Watches have already been issued for eastern portions of our viewing area and Tucson may see a Wind Advisory for Wednesday, Winds across eastern sections could gust past 55 mph.

Another colder system will dive into the area by Friday and Saturday. This one will contain more moisture and snow levels will drop as low as 6500′. We can expect several inches of snow in the mountains with light-to-moderate valley rain.

High temperatures will cool from the mid 90s Tuesday to mid 70s Wednesday and upper 60s by Saturday. Parts of Cochise County could see temperatures near freezing during the overnight hours later in the work-week.

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