TUCSON – For the first time in 2019, Tucson International Airport hit 100° at enter time and date. This is the 11th latest Ice Break in recorded weather history. Climatology (1981-2011) this is the second latest Ice Break with only 1982 coming later than today’s on June 10th.

While June 9th marks the first 100° occurrence, the most common date for the first 100° reading is June 6th.

Climatology (1981-2011) says Tucson’s average first 100° day for Tucson is May 19th. The average first 100° day has arrived 21 days later than average. Going back to 1895 since records have been kept our historical average date of reaching 100 degrees is May 25th, so even today’s 100 degree reading arrives 15 days late.

The last time Tucson International Airport reached 100 degrees prior to today was September 18th of last year. That is 264 days ago making it the 36th longest stretch of days below 100 degrees on record.

One down, 61 more to go? In an average year, Tucson hits triple digit territory 62 times. Summer’s swelter is just getting underway. Keep cool

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