A slightly cooler weekend

While Phoenix was the latest city to topple triple digits, the City of Tucson came up just shy at 97 degrees for the second Friday in a row.  Strong high pressure will slide to the south over the weekend and open the door to some slightly cooler air temperatures. Both Saturday and Sunday will feature … Continue reading A slightly cooler weekend


The 90s are roaring back

TUCSON - It's been a relatively warm April so far with the average temperature 1.5 degrees above April standards. Oddly enough TUS has only recorded four days with temperatures above the 90 degree mark. All of these occurrences have happened during the month of April. https://twitter.com/mattbrode/status/1121264016943460352 With just a week left of the month this … Continue reading The 90s are roaring back

From the heat, to wind to rain and snow – all in less than a week

It's going to be a wild week of weather across southern Arizona. Let's start with today. So far Tucson International Airport has reached 94 degrees. This is the warmest we've been all year and check out some of the details on the heat below. (It reached 94 after this tweet was issued) https://twitter.com/mattbrode/status/1115382188655116289 As a … Continue reading From the heat, to wind to rain and snow – all in less than a week

The Arizona drought improves and the heat is near

Drought conditions for the State of Arizona were released today and it's more good news. Check it out. https://twitter.com/mattbrode/status/1114011969978290176 As of today, 82% of the State is drought free! Only 18% of the State is considered 'abnormally dry' while fewer than 5% of the State is in 'Moderate drought.' The Moderate drought is mainly for … Continue reading The Arizona drought improves and the heat is near

Another week, another storm

Tuesday's winter storm blanketed the mountains with heavy snow, and moderate rain across most of greater Tucson and all of southeastern Arizona. Places in Cochise County near Bisbee & Douglas were close to breaking (and still may) all-time daily rain records for the month of March.  https://twitter.com/mattbrode/status/1105687191295090689 Next up are gusty west/southwest winds for Wednesday. … Continue reading Another week, another storm

One more hurrah for Winter?

TUCSON - In what's already been a very wet, white and - even at times - cold WInter, southern Arizona is bracing for what could be the season's final storm. Winter officially ends Wednesday, March 20th. A strong, and cold area of low pressure is currently spinning south of the area - in Baja California, … Continue reading One more hurrah for Winter?

Big gains in the Arizona drought

After another month of above average rain and snow, the State of Arizona's drought situation has improved even more.  19.1% of the state is considered abnormally dry - mainly extreme western and eastern parts of the state.  13.2% of the state is in moderate drought while only 5.5% is in the severe drought category. Extreme … Continue reading Big gains in the Arizona drought

Proof that it’s been cold and wet

TUCSON - Do you think it felt like a cold and wet Winter? If so, you are correct. While 80 degrees isn't that common during Winter months it is uncommon to go over 100 days without seeing an 80 degree reading anytime of the year for the City of Tucson. Rainfall is also above average. … Continue reading Proof that it’s been cold and wet