All sorts of poses

So as if my Tae Kwon Do practice weren’t enough, I somehow, sometime promised my girlfriend I would try a yoga class. Being a man of his word, on my final day of vacation I went to a beginners yoga class. I have had friends in the past talk about hot yoga or Bikram yoga, this was neither but the studio was hot. If this isn’t hot yoga I can’t imagine what hot yoga is like. My mat was still a bit wet from it being recently washed and I was skidding around like a child on a banana slide. In all fairness, I did okay and the stretches were helpful and similar to what I find in my martial-arts class. Maybe even better because they were more deliberate and held for much longer. The class was 75 minutes long and it seemed like 75 hours long. I think if I were to keep going back it would really benefit my flexibility and spiritual side, but day one was me simply trying to learn the various poses and merely keeping up. The class was free and I think I’ll go back again.



Vacation Day 2

So I’m so used to getting up at 3:00 AM and today when I “slept in” and looked at the clock it read 7:30 even though I felt like it was noon. Rest and relaxation is over-ratted, I wind up going over to my girlfriends house, watching Michigan football preview 2010 (a depressing show – another topic for another day) and cooking her dinner. I know I’m a good boyfriend.

Another highlight of my day is Tae Kwon Do class. I got to go to an evening class because I don’t need to be in bed by 7:00 PM tonight. I took Tae Kwon Do as a child, and let me tell you how different it is 28 years later. For one, I am not flexible. Center splits for me is feet about shoulder-width apart. Sprints, high kicks and circuit-training is much more difficult as an adult. But I keep going back and each time leave the dojo happy I went. One of my goals, as an adult, is to earn a black-belt. Safeway followed my class and a little Bach on my guitar – another childhood hobby I’ve neglected for over 20 years. So at 8:42 my body is a little more alert than usual, but I think I’ll try to finish a trashy crime-novel I downloaded on my NOOK last week. Weekend is near, and I hope to go to the Einstein exhibit at OMSI this weekend. I also promised my girlfriend I would try a beginners yoga class tomorrow. Yuck! Oh well, perhaps this will help with my center splits.