Meteorological Summer Ends

Even though summer doesn’t officially end for a few more weeks, meteorological summer (June, July and August) is now in the record books.

While parts of Cochise County remain in a major surplus of summer rain – even despite a dry August – Tucson will go into the books hot and dry.

Here is a synopsis of summer 2013 at Tucson International Airport where records are kept.

Matt Climo


Summer is Fading Away

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of August, and Tucson’s largest school district is headed back to the classroom.

If we consider the monsoon a season defined by dates (June 15th – September 30th), then we are almost halfway through with our summer rainy season.

Most locations are way ahead of their average rainfall to date.

Some spots – especially in Cochise County – are breaking all-time records for the wettest month ever.

So how does August look?

According to the CPC (Climate Prediction Center),  the odds favor a warmer and wetter month as compared to average.

CPC August 2013 TempsCPC August 2013 Precip

So if these projections verify, I would say monsoon 2013 was a success if you were hoping for widespread rain.