The Shock Heard Round the World

The last time Michigan hosted a real cupcake team in the Big House was September 1, 2007. The opponent: Appalachian State - a division II school - or to be politically correct  a Division 1 FCS team. I have no need to relive the proverbial, unimaginable, David vs. Goliath story. If you have resided on the … Continue reading The Shock Heard Round the World

Last weekend of summer; feels like summer…but:

So Portlanders: Maybe it wasn't the summer you were hoping for. A very cold and a record rainy June. July and August brought a few brief heatwaves and many days with a pesky marine layer which was slow to erode away on my occasions.  Last Weekend of Summer: Fall begins on Thursday, September 23 - so this … Continue reading Last weekend of summer; feels like summer…but:


1879 : In 1879, only fourteen years after our nation stood divided during Civil War,  reconstruction of the United States was underway,  and there was Michigan football.  Notre Dame didn't have a football team until 1887. In the years leading up to the teams first match-up, some players hopped a train from Ann Arbor to teach the … Continue reading Meeeeeeechigan