Not So Ideal Weather Using ‘Ideal’ High School Chemistry

I hope my reference to High School Chemistry didn't conjure up painful memories from your past; a la exploding graduated cylinders, or brutal Bunsen burner burns. If not, please read on with an open mind. Very basic chemistry explains why the Willamette Valley has been cold, foggy, gloomy and literally unhealthy for those with certain … Continue reading Not So Ideal Weather Using ‘Ideal’ High School Chemistry

Snow, Snizzle, What Is it Falling From The Sky Today?

A lot of people across the region are reporting some light snow on their lawns  this morning. A very cold and damp air mass is changing drizzle into 'snizzle'. Typically in a setup like this, we get an inversion - meaning that the air aloft (above the ground) is warmer. This allows the cold air to … Continue reading Snow, Snizzle, What Is it Falling From The Sky Today?

Another shot – albeit a slight one for Valley snow

If you are a snow lover and hoping to see some more Valley snow, I have some good news and some bad news. It's been feeling very springlike lately with highs in the mid 50s. Now that's warm for January standards; but enough of that, if one thing is certain, it's that much colder air … Continue reading Another shot – albeit a slight one for Valley snow

First Snow, Now Floods

After a snowy, cold start to our work-week mother nature has delivered a fire hose of moisture. Heavy rains and massive snow melt due to warmer temperatures have rivers and streams on the rise. Here are some areas flooding right now: South Yamhill River at McMinnville Pudding River at Aurora Clackamas River at Estacada Clackamas … Continue reading First Snow, Now Floods

Are you ready? I’m not…

The world watched in horror as the tragedy unfolded in Japan on March 11, 2011. Thanks to the amazing technological prowess of Japan, we were able to see, from our living rooms, the walls of water - higher than many buildings, literally washing away entire towns. Waves tossed around cars, homes and people like they … Continue reading Are you ready? I’m not…

Leaf Peepers

It's mid October: and this native New Englander had no idea that the great Northwest could have such a fantastic display of fall-colors. In my forecast last night I gave a fall foliage forecast update. Many think that beautiful fall colors  are due to the cooler temperatures. While this is in part true, the primary … Continue reading Leaf Peepers

California Dreaming?

The only thing I might have been dreaming about is Frosty the Snowman if I had the displeasure of being in Los Angeles yesterday. The Valley's and Desert's of SoCal are know to heat-up while LA typically enjoys the smoggy marine layer (sometimes you can even see the actual sun). But typically - even when the Santa … Continue reading California Dreaming?

On Stephen Hawking’s God Comments

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." - Albert Einstein Stephen Hawking has defied odds in many ways. Bound to a wheelchair and a voice box synthesizer - he cannot speak and is now virtually paralyzed. Hawking has managed to emerge as arguably the most prominent face and force in modern physics … Continue reading On Stephen Hawking’s God Comments

Dodging a Bullet

Recon has confirmed that Earl is weakening and the Carolina's have dodged a bullet. Earl is moving to the North and as I thought earlier, New England is its target. Fortunately Earl will encounter cooler SST's and continue to weaken. The Cape and Islands will likely see tropical force winds and maybe some hurricane force … Continue reading Dodging a Bullet