What month is it? More cold, rain and snow is here.

TUCSON - Rain overspread much of metro Tucson - AGAIN - tonight and more rain is in the forecast tonight through Tuesday. And oh, don't look now, but more rain is possible this weekend and even into next week if we can tap into Tropical Storm Tara. Okay back to the big chill: the first … Continue reading What month is it? More cold, rain and snow is here.

Snow, Snizzle, What Is it Falling From The Sky Today?

A lot of people across the region are reporting some light snow on their lawns  this morning. A very cold and damp air mass is changing drizzle into 'snizzle'. Typically in a setup like this, we get an inversion - meaning that the air aloft (above the ground) is warmer. This allows the cold air to … Continue reading Snow, Snizzle, What Is it Falling From The Sky Today?

Another shot – albeit a slight one for Valley snow

If you are a snow lover and hoping to see some more Valley snow, I have some good news and some bad news. It's been feeling very springlike lately with highs in the mid 50s. Now that's warm for January standards; but enough of that, if one thing is certain, it's that much colder air … Continue reading Another shot – albeit a slight one for Valley snow

Most Of Oregon Had A White Christmas and A Dry 2013?

Unless you live along the Coast or in the Willamette Valley, chances are good you had a white Christmas. From the Coast Range to the Gorge, to the Cascades and points east - snow was in the air. Check out some of these snow totals. Back in Portland Christmas was a wet day with cool … Continue reading Most Of Oregon Had A White Christmas and A Dry 2013?

First Snow, Now Floods

After a snowy, cold start to our work-week mother nature has delivered a fire hose of moisture. Heavy rains and massive snow melt due to warmer temperatures have rivers and streams on the rise. Here are some areas flooding right now: South Yamhill River at McMinnville Pudding River at Aurora Clackamas River at Estacada Clackamas … Continue reading First Snow, Now Floods

It WILL Snow in Portland

It seems like Portland is always on the bubble when it come to snow. We have so many near hits but so few home-runs. I am about 100% sure that snow will fall in the lowest elevations of downtown Portland and the airport. We, Meteorologists, use a lot of tools to predict the weather. Current … Continue reading It WILL Snow in Portland

A Record Breaking December

Amazingly - especially considering a La Nina year - the first half of December will go into the record books as the driest ever. PDX has picked up only 0.06" of rain during the first two weeks of December. This puts us in a deficit of 2.75". And for you statisticians at home, last year … Continue reading A Record Breaking December

Finally some rain and snow

After a paltry start to December - one of our rainiest months - a weak storm system moved through the region, bringing us light valley rain and mountain snow. So far, PDX has only received 0.05" of rain and most spots across the metro have seen about the same. Ski enthusiasts: 1" of snow at … Continue reading Finally some rain and snow

Another S-NO-w storm?

What looked like the possibility of an epic and historical snowstorm just last week is increasingly looking like a dud. A cold air-mass has its grips across the Pacific Northwest today and will remain in place until Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, a warm front and area of low pressure is headed our way. Recent computer models … Continue reading Another S-NO-w storm?