Snowy Saturday?

From the PinPoint weather center, I’m Meteorologist Matt Brode. It’s been a wild week of weather across the Pacific Northwest. From record rains on Saturday, to record warmth on Sunday and Monday, to a tornadic Tuesday we’ve seen it all. So what’s next? Well, cold high pressure is setting up shop in Eastern Oregon and … Continue reading Snowy Saturday?


Strong, cold storm heading to Portland.

A strong area of low-pressure is spinning in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and will work its way over the region for the next several days. Colder, wetter weather is expected to remain throughout much of the weekend. Here’s how things break down.  For the Oregon coast today; a high wind warning is in effect, and … Continue reading Strong, cold storm heading to Portland.

Winter’s Coming, should I let him in?

A major weather pattern change is taking place across the Pacific Northwest. Scattered showers today will turn into sun-breaks by the afternoon with highs today primarily in the 50s. A few cold storms are getting organized in the Gulf of Alaska and promise to be much colder systems. The first storm arrives at the coast … Continue reading Winter’s Coming, should I let him in?