A Groundhog Preview

Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow tomorrow? Shadow or no shadow we are looking at a very springlike forecast as we begin the month of February. A very weak disturbance moved through the district overnight and brought a little rain and mountain snow to the region. Skies have cleared out mostly and all I expect … Continue reading A Groundhog Preview

A Little Rain Followed by Spring?

If you liked the weather on Monday, today should be nearly a carbon copy. Mostly cloudy skies today with some occasional sun-breaks. Overall temperatures should remain in the upper 40s, and I think we see less widespread 50s. Clouds lower and thicken overnight as a pretty weak rain maker approaches the area. Rain should begin … Continue reading A Little Rain Followed by Spring?

First Snow, Now Floods

After a snowy, cold start to our work-week mother nature has delivered a fire hose of moisture. Heavy rains and massive snow melt due to warmer temperatures have rivers and streams on the rise. Here are some areas flooding right now: South Yamhill River at McMinnville Pudding River at Aurora Clackamas River at Estacada Clackamas … Continue reading First Snow, Now Floods

A Record Breaking December

Amazingly - especially considering a La Nina year - the first half of December will go into the record books as the driest ever. PDX has picked up only 0.06" of rain during the first two weeks of December. This puts us in a deficit of 2.75". And for you statisticians at home, last year … Continue reading A Record Breaking December

Hurricane Force Coastal Winds and Possible Flooding

An epic change in the weather pattern is underway across the Pacific northwest this week. Mother Nature will be delivering us a one-two punch. The second punch likely to be the knock-out punch. Let's get started: A cold front blasted through the metro this morning carrying with it moderate to heavy rain and gusty winds. … Continue reading Hurricane Force Coastal Winds and Possible Flooding