Not So Ideal Weather Using ‘Ideal’ High School Chemistry

I hope my reference to High School Chemistry didn't conjure up painful memories from your past; a la exploding graduated cylinders, or brutal Bunsen burner burns. If not, please read on with an open mind. Very basic chemistry explains why the Willamette Valley has been cold, foggy, gloomy and literally unhealthy for those with certain … Continue reading Not So Ideal Weather Using ‘Ideal’ High School Chemistry

Weather Advantage – The Mountains

Check Out This Graphic  It shows a massive ridge of high pressure over the entire Pacific northwest. A set-up means unseasonably warm and sunny conditions right? Not so fast. The weather pattern we've been experiencing lately has been characterized by cold, saturated and foggy conditions. In order for this 'gloom' to go away we need this air … Continue reading Weather Advantage – The Mountains