Who’s ready for a blast of cold air?

TUCSON -  With only a few days remaining in November, it seems likely that the month will go into the record books as slightly cooler than average. October was also cooler than average. The last time Tucson strung together consecutive months with below average temperatures was November 2015 - January 2016. It's a tight race … Continue reading Who’s ready for a blast of cold air?

A Halloween Chill

TUCSON - Heads up trick-or-treaters, this Halloween will bring a spooky chill to the area and temperatures will quickly fall into the 50s as soon as 8 PM tonight. Much cooler air has filtered into the region after yesterday's cold front and a Freeze Warning - the first of the season - has been issued … Continue reading A Halloween Chill

The October chill continues

TUCSON - Today marked the 12th consecutive day the City of Tucson has seen below average temperatures. Out of the 17 days so far this month, 14 have been below average. If you compare the first 17 days of October this year to last year, well there is simply no comparison. This year's average October … Continue reading The October chill continues

What month is it? More cold, rain and snow is here.

TUCSON - Rain overspread much of metro Tucson - AGAIN - tonight and more rain is in the forecast tonight through Tuesday. And oh, don't look now, but more rain is possible this weekend and even into next week if we can tap into Tropical Storm Tara. Okay back to the big chill: the first … Continue reading What month is it? More cold, rain and snow is here.

Recent rain puts Tucson in a monsoon surplus for the fifth straight year

TUCSON - Record rain (0.76") on Wednesday put the monsoon total in Tucson at 7.01". This is the fifth year in-a-row that the City of Tucson has exceeded its monsoon average of 6.08". https://twitter.com/mattbrode/status/1042922626124013575 In addition, for the first time since the early 1980s, Tucson has picked up over 7.00" of rain in three consecutive … Continue reading Recent rain puts Tucson in a monsoon surplus for the fifth straight year

Meteorological Summer Ends

Even though summer doesn't officially end for a few more weeks, meteorological summer (June, July and August) is now in the record books. While parts of Cochise County remain in a major surplus of summer rain - even despite a dry August - Tucson will go into the books hot and dry. Here is a synopsis of summer 2013 … Continue reading Meteorological Summer Ends

Monsoon Midterm Report

Today marks the exact mid-point of the monsoon- as defined by its calendar start and stop dates. With a lull in monsoon storms today, it's a perfect time to assess how areas in Southern Arizona stand when it comes to summer rain. With the exception of the Tucson International Airport, all reporting cities and towns have … Continue reading Monsoon Midterm Report

A What Kind of Cloud?

A big shout out to Amie Montes who captured an interesting cloud photo taken today near Willcox. Here is the photo, and at first glance it certainly looks like it could be a funnel cloud. What do you see? Okay here's the scoop. Without seeing video we don't know if the cloud is rotating. Looking back at our … Continue reading A What Kind of Cloud?

Monsoon Madness ‘A Tale of Two Cities’

Have you been a bit disappointed lately with the lack of rain in midtown Tucson? Would you belive me if I told you that this monsoon has been epic so far? Well it has, and I've got the proof. As of today, Tucson (at the airport where records are kept) is way above average for … Continue reading Monsoon Madness ‘A Tale of Two Cities’

Matt’s Monsoon Update

Here's my Monday monsoon update. We're off to a good start this year when it comes to our monsoon rain. Nearly 1" of rain fell at TIA on Friday, and way more out toward Vail. We have two positive factors for the potential of heavy rain this week and one potentially negative. I'll address the … Continue reading Matt’s Monsoon Update